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Our Philosophy
Taking care of the Medical needs providing well profiled medical updates on the ailment, providing information on best in class doctors, fixing appointments, disease management initiatives etc.
How We Do It
At the time of claim, the employee / HR gets in touch with our 24 X 7 centralized help line number. Our executive responds to any query online.
Our Approach
We will understand your requirement and look at the history of the past benefits that you have been offered under your existing insurance cover.

How We Do It Our Approach
Our Expertise Our Philosophy
Services Offered Proposition
What We Do Deliverable
Value Plus Services Resource Allocation
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Getting the Best Cover for your needs under Employee Benefits Negotiating with the insurance companies

Value Plus Services

  • Information On Doctors, Diagnostic Facilities And Discounts Available.
  • In case required, we get in touch with the hospital and / or the TPA to address any issue. Follow up calls to the Patient / Family / HR to ensure that there is no open ended issue that may be there to be addressed.
  • Doctor Referral And Appointment Fixing Services.
  • Health Check-up Scheduling & Coordination.
  • Concierge Services During Hospitalization.
  • Ambulance Services.
  • Emergency Cash Assistance.